Biotherapy, more commonly known as “pranotherapy”, is a healing practice offered through the application of vital energy, which for years has enjoyed a hard-earned reputation throughout Europe. Vital energy is natural energy produced and provided by the hands of a Biotherapist – a person who is especially gifted with it. Biotherapy is a therapy method used in conjunction with traditional practices and never as a replacement. Its incredible power helps prevent and cure countless diseases and illnesses. The Biotherapist’s skilled hands locate and treat disturbances in the bioenergetic field, providing patients with immediate relief and improvement. The Gold Club Hotel features Biotherapist Tanja Bedina Frece, who was licensed by the renowned Slovenian biotherapist Zdenko Domančić. Group therapy is provided by reservation, at fixed times, with four-day sessions, from Monday to Thursday.

For information and reservations:

Biotherapist Tanja Bedina Frece

Phone: +386 31 208 463