Let the mouthwatering aroma of our grill take you on a culinary journey!

When you smell the aroma of our grill, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of biting into delightfully grilled meat, prepared by our grill masters.

It isn’t easy to choose between delicious “čevapčiči”, stuffed “vešalica”, pepper seasoned sausages and other dishes from our Leskovac Grill, which taste best in the company of friends.

Highest quality Slovenian meat from Prunk Butcher House, masterfully prepared exclusively with European Beech wood.

The way you want it. The way it has to be.


Čevapčiči s prilogo 150g 7,00€
Čevapčiči s prilogo 300g 9,90€
Pleskavice s prilogo 200 g 9,90€
Leskovački odščipnjenci s prilogo 300g 9,90€
Polnjena vešalica s prilogo 350g 9,90€
Bela vešalica s prilogo 400g 10,90€
Karadjordjeva vešalica s prilogo 300g 12,00€
Goveji ramstek s prilogo 250g 18,00€
Piščančje polnjeno meso s prilogo 200g 9,90€
Klobase s prilogo 400g 9,90€
Piščančja prsa s prilogo 200g 9,90€
Piščančja krača s prilogo 250g 10,00€
Svinjski vrat s prilogo 200g 8,00€
Leskovačka nabodala s prilogo 200g 8,00€
Mešana mesna plošča s prilogo 1200g 22,00€
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