Every day you can smell the intoxicating aromas of freshly baked bread and typical Mediterranean dishes wafting from the kitchen of our restaurant. Here you’ll find a wide selection of fish, seafood, meat, pasta, and vegetable dishes, always fresh and prepared to perfection. The chef and his well-trained staff make culinary create with harmonious flavors that pay homage to the Vipava Valley and the flavors that are typical of the area. Come for a business lunch or dinner with friends and you will be spoiled with sublime meals made of fish, typical Mediterranean recipes with flavors of the Karst, succulent cured meats, and home-made sausages that are local specialties. Also we have a secret recipe for fried calamari, which is our restaurant’s absolute show-stopper. The diverse and thorough menu is accompanied by a selection of local wines and vintages from Brda. The desserts made in-house by our master pastry chef are always fresh and delicious, the perfect thing to hit the spot when your sweet tooth gets an irresistible craving. The array of tastes and textures will delight your palate and paint your face with a broad and lovely smile. We are looking forward to your visit.

For information and reservations:

Phone: +386 5 36 44 708